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At Northeast Home Inspections, we care about the quality of water that you use in your home. That is why we have partnered with A & L Labs in Auburn, ME. They are the premier water testing laboratory in the state and with them we currently offer the following water tests –

  • Basic + Arsenic
  • Basic + Arsenic + Lead
  • Comprehensive
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The water that comes out of the taps at your home is not necessarily safe for drinking. There are many substances present in the water that pose a threat to the health of you and your family members. EPA states that houses built before 1986 may have lead pipes and fixtures. This may contaminate the water coming from the taps. After the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, it has become a common practice to get water quality testing with private wells. There may be no problem with the water at your house, but it is always good to get it checked. This gives you peace of mind and a sense of confidence.


Water Quality Test by Experts

There is no better time to opt for water quality testing in Orono than before moving into a new house. This test can probably change your decision about the purchase. After all, what is the point of buying a house with contaminated water? At Northeast Home Inspections, we conduct accurate tests that highlight the quality of the water. In case the water is contaminated, you can find a solution to mitigate the problem.

So wait no further, opt for water quality testing in Orono today!

Next-Day Inspection Reports

We will deliver your inspection report within 24 hours after your home inspection so that you can immediately start to learn about the home you are planning to buy. With attention to detail, due diligence and adequate time devoted to every nook and corner, we come up with a holistic inspection report that outlines a defect as well as its impact in other parts of the property. For instance, we will not only identify leakage in the roof, but will also explain how it can potentially harm other parts of the building. Our inspection report includes high-resolution color photographs that give you a clear understanding of the condition of the property

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