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When we care so much about what we eat or drink, then why not care about what we breathe? Sometimes there can be more pollution indoors than outdoors. If you have frequent headaches or allergic reactions it’s time to get an air quality inspection in Orono.

At Northeast Home Inspections, we have the right tools and equipment to check the air quality of your house. We test for Formaldehyde, Total Volatile Organic Compounds, atmospheric particulate matter 1.0, 2.5, and 10.0.

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Atmospheric particulate matter is associated with asthma, lung cancer, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, premature delivery, birth defects, low birth weight, and premature death. Atmospheric particulate matter is significantly bad for children and unborn children as it can cause inflammation, oxidative stress, endocrine disruption, and impaired oxygen transport access to the placenta. It can also cause high blood pressure in children.

If you want you and your loved ones to stay healthy, it’s important to get an air quality inspection in Orono. By knowing the cause behind a poor air quality in your home, you can look for a solution to improve it. Mold growth, construction material, pest infestation, paint and poor ventilation are some common causes of a poor indoor air quality.


Air Quality Inspection by Experts

Not all home inspectors are trained and experienced in inspecting air quality in properties. It needs special training and knowledge to be able to do so successfully. But, you can completely trust us for an air quality inspection in Orono.

Next-Day Inspection Reports

We will deliver your inspection report within 24 hours after your home inspection so that you can immediately start to learn about the home you are planning to buy. With attention to detail, due diligence and adequate time devoted to every nook and corner, we come up with a holistic inspection report that outlines a defect as well as its impact in other parts of the property. For instance, we will not only identify leakage in the roof, but will also explain how it can potentially harm other parts of the building. Our inspection report includes high-resolution color photographs that give you a clear understanding of the condition of the property

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