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Are you looking for a reliable and trusted home inspector in Lincoln? You are on the right page! We provide professional and accurate home inspection services in Lincoln. We are InterNACHI certified and follow comprehensive standards of practice and abide by strict code of ethics. We are well trained, experienced and knowledgeable. We have invested in modern technology and equipment so as to be able to identify issues accurately and detect presence of harmful substances.

Each inspector at Northeast Home Inspections is trained specifically to inspect all components of your home. We are aware of issues that even a seasoned contractor would have little knowledge or experience with. A home is a complicated system that requires a trained inspector to validate for you that your purchase is safe, sound and free of costly repairs.

Affordable Home Inspection Services Lincoln

When you choose us for a home inspection, you can be assured that you will get the best of services at very affordable prices. Our inspections are unbiased and honest, which give a third party perspective of the condition of the home inspected. We answer your questions patiently and sincerely. We hand over the inspection report to you within 24 hours of the inspection. The report is detailed and comprehensive. Call us today to get your house inspected by a trusted and reliable home inspector in Lincoln!

Pre Listing Home Inspection Lincoln

Are you planning to sell your house? It can be very frustrating to list your house for sale and have no buyers ready to even take a look at the house. Sometimes you need to sell the house fast because you need money or are moving out of town. A pre-listing home inspection in Lincoln is the perfect solution for you.

A pre-listing home inspection is a great way to find out defects and faults in your home and make necessary repairs before listing it for sale. This way you can not only speed up the selling process but also quote a better price for the house.

Thermal Imaging Lincoln

We provide thermal imaging services to clients across Lincoln. With the help of thermal imaging, we can identify inefficiencies, faults, defects and predict breakdowns. We have a team of ITC certified Level II & Level III technicians who are experienced and trained in investigating and reporting problems, along with facts, that prevail in your building. A timely intervention can save you of inconvenience and costly repairs. Moreover, if all your systems and equipment are running at optimal performance, there will be lower costs, less downtime, and lower replacement costs.

Water Quality and Air Quality Testing Lincoln

The water that comes out of the taps at your home is not necessarily safe for drinking. There are many substances present in the water that pose a threat to the health of you and your family members. EPA states that houses built before 1986 may have lead pipes and fixtures. This may contaminate the water coming from the taps.

We care about the quality of water that you use in your home. That is why we have partnered with A & L Labs in Auburn, ME. They are the premier water testing laboratory in the state and with them we currently offer the following water tests –

  • Basic + Arsenic
  • Basic + Arsenic + Lead
  • Comprehensive

4 Point Insurance Inspection Lincoln

Insurance companies generally require a 4 point inspection report to ensure that all four major systems i.e. roofing, plumbing system, electrical system and HVAC, are in proper working order. This helps them to rule out the possibility of future liabilities. We have a team of inspectors who are experienced and knowledgeable to carry out a 4 point insurance inspection in Lincoln. We will closely examine the four systems, assess their condition and maintenance requirements, identify issues, and give recommendations on how to fix the issues. With our 4 point inspection reports, we have helped many homeowners purchase insurance for their homes.


Lincoln is a town in Penobscot County, Maine. The town has a total area of 74.65 square miles according to the US Census Bureau, and recorded a population of 5,085 people in the 2010 census. Lincoln is named after Maine’s sixth governor, Enoch Lincoln. The town has 13 different ponds and Rollins Mountain is located here.

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